Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Cowles are Pretty Cool...

Katie, Tom, and Debbie had us over to celebrate my birthday last night. They were pretty amazing!
I know this pic is a bit fuzzy (but that's what you get when holding a squirming one year old taking a picture with your IPhone!). Debbie was cooking up burgers to order, Tom was making shakes or malts, and Katie was preparing all the sides. Busy kitchen!!  
Katie took everyone's "order" on these cute menus they made up. The girls were having a blast!! 
It was like being at a diner!

 The menu.

They even served dinner in these cute baskets! Yum!!
Neva LOVED my shake. Once she got a hold of it, there was no way I was getting another sip!!
Thanks Cowles for making this such a fun night. We love you guys!
The girls are enjoying their goodie bags of ring pops!

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Jennifer Clark said...

So fun, happy birthday! You look beautiful in that pic. :)