Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

We brought in the New Year with a dance party, of course!
The girls got dressed up, I put a little make up on them, and we danced.
Oh yeah.
So sweet.
Bedtime dancing. Yes, she's in a Cinderella costume.
Things got a little romantic.
These girls have so much fun together!!
Our dessert was decedent. We made a peanut butter s'mores dip for graham crackers.
After eating, we quickly had bath time.
Late night games by the fireplace!
And just to be crazy, the girls switched bunk beds for the New Year!
As I was going to bed, I couldn't resist taking pictures of my sleeping beauty.
And another sleeping baby.
Good morning! Mom, get me out of my crib!! My sisters are taking up all the room in here!
Thanks Mimi for the 2015 calendar! We talked about months, weeks, days, and holidays this morning!
We talked about resolutions for the year as a family. Maddie wants to get better at riding her bike off of curbs, obey mom and dad more, and have a new heart in Jesus. Savannah's goals were to learn new songs. My desire is to find my joy in Christ, not in circumstances. When life disappoints, I want to turn to my Heavenly Father, who doesn't change and find my strength there. I too often look to myself to change hard things, or depend upon others for help; but instead my prayer is that I run to the Lord and put no confidence in the flesh. Jesus is my portion and hope. He is the only place true joy is found.
Happy New Year!

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