Friday, May 1, 2015

Fun Days Around Here

These Spring days have been filled with lots of friends and outside play.
Jesse took Maddie and some of her friends to their class field trip to see a play. 
They had a great time together!
Our sweet neighbor, Tessa, got a bunny! All the girls in the cul de sac were excited to meet the new member to our crew.
Geneva gets in naps sometimes on our morning walks- I love how she fell asleep holding a flower.
Why use a spoon?!
Love this girl and all her princess pretend.
Creek time!
Why can't I color with markers on my face?
We got to go to Maddie's Art show one afternoon. She made this pretty dragonfly. 
My little sweet Savannah. We had a realllly long conversation about "her garden" and why it's having trouble growing. I'm often included in her world of pretend!
The girls and I got to go to the French Market with the Pinkstons last Saturday when Jesse was out of town. So much fun eating crepes, shopping, listening to live music, and talking with friends. 

Someone knows how to ride a 2 wheel glider bike!

G loves this bouncy bike. 

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