Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sweetest Place on Earth...Hershey Park!!

This past week we spent 2 days at Hershey Park, and boy did we have a good time! The girls were super thrilled not only to go to the park and stay in a hotel, but also to be going with the Pinkstons. The kids really love each other in a brotherly/sisterly way. It's cute.
 Had to get a picture with a real Hershey bar!
And a Kiss.
Don't forget (my favorite) Reese's! 
The kids measured up at the candy station...they found out what rides they could go on based on their height. Geneva was a Miniature, Savannah a Kiss, and Maddie a Reese's.
  Erica, Sophie, and Bode on Scrambler. Erica rode EVERYTHING!! So fun.
 Me and Neva. My littlest riding partner!
 This bunch rode Tilt-A-Whirl about 10 times!
Geneva loved the Dino Ride, Carousel, or any car type ride the best!
 Christian and Geneva fed the geese while Jesse and I rode a couple bigger coasters.
 Bode and Savannah are cute friends.
  Yup, Jesse got a workout pushing around 4 girls. 
Maddie Pinkston was so good helping the little ones on rides.
Geneva did great keeping up with a full day (10am-8pm) at the park! She did get some shut eye in the stroller while everyone did the water park area.
Then she was right back at it!
Watch out- here they come!
After the water area, we hit up the zoo. This places is pretty cool- I can't believe all you get for one admission price.
 Aiden was my partner on the fast rides like Sky Rush, Sidewinder, and Fahrenheit. 

We left the park with lots of fun memories, and a little chocolate on our faces. 
So fun! 

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Ferko said...

Soo fun!! Geneva is so cute :))) And it looks like you had a blast too ;)