Monday, August 21, 2017

Last Days with Grandpa and Grandma

  One of our highlights was seeing where Grandma was baptized. We had a great time visiting her church and meeting her friends.
 That afternoon we hiked to Fish Creek Falls.

 The girls love hopping from rock to rock!
Then we went on one of Grandma's favorite hikes- Soda Creek. We even saw two moose from the car!
Jesse took his mom on a date that night. Love mom-son time!
 Grandpa Robert came and read to the girls for almost an hour!
 The next day Jesse and I hiked Devil's Causeway. He's been telling me about this hike for the last 11 years. We had a great date together! We hiked to the highest point you see above Jesse's head.

 Almost half way up!

 Here we are above the snow and tree level- it was such a view!
 Jesse crossed the narrow causeway, but I was chicken :)
We ate lunch sitting on the edge- what a view!
I just love it here!
While we were hiking, Grandma and Grandpa took the kids on a hike and played at a lake.
Thanks so much for taking care of the kids so Jesse and I could go play!
The next morning we woke the girls up early, put them in the car in their PJ's, got our favorite croissants, and drove back to Denver to catch our flight home.
We are so thankful for our time in Colorado. In Grandma's words, "It was magical!"

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