Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ocean City

On the way back from NY, we stopped in Ocean City, NJ. My dad was able to preach at Kevin Obrien's Sunday evening service. It was so wonderful to re-connect with the Obrien's- it's been 15 years since we've seen them! My dad's brothers and sister also came to visit us from PA. It was a great reunion!

I guess we've been busy over the last 15 years- I've gotten married, and combined we've had 7 kids!
Night at Funland!

Thanks for taking us on the Ferris wheel, Papa! 

Yummy custard.
Uno games at 10pm- it's summer!
Here's my dad's brothers and sister.
The cousins

 Poor Neva got a stomach big, but was a real trooper- she eve napped on the beach!
    Sand castles with Mimi!
 Papa is so good to his girls!


We had a fabulous few days at the beach!

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