Friday, July 20, 2018

Bike Crash!

 Three weeks ago Geneva had a pretty big bike crash! She went down a very steep hill on her glider bike and wasn't able to stop. Poor girl not only scraped up her face, but suffered a green stick fracture in her left jaw.
 Can you see how her jaw is crooked?
So that night I hardly slept as I prayed for God's guidance, healing, and trust in whatever His plan may be. He answered that prayer so abundantly.
 The next day we took Geneva to the ER seeing that her jaw still looked off and she was unable to eat from pain. We were blessed to have the most wonderful care at INOVA Fairfax. The docs even gave her sticker books and puzzles to take home.
 After having about 4 doctors come exam Geneva, they decided she needed to have a CT scan. From that scan we saw that she did, in fact, have a bent bone and that the joint was partially hanging off, but attached still. Thankfully, Geneva did NOT need to have surgery or have her mouth wired shut. We were sent home with instructions to give her a liquid/soft diet and no activity. Hard to do with an active 4 year old!! By God's grace, this opportunity allowed us to talk with her about really big concepts that all people struggle with- obedience, thankfulness, contentment, trust in the Lord, thinking on what is true, and the lessons go on. She was so teachable that she made it a joy to walk through this little struggle. She even said to Savannah on the way to swim team (when she couldn't swim and was disappointed) "I'm happy that you get to swim, Savannah." She learned about thinking of others, guilt and how to ask for forgiveness, and the joy that is received when the weight of guilt is gone, and thankfulness in the midst of struggles. God taught me so much through her example. He also taught me to trust Him when I have absolutely no control.
 Mimi did pamper Geneva with a manicure!
 Ice cream- keeping to a soft food diet isn't so bad!!
 Her new hat keeps the sun off her new exposed skin.
 She loved chicken noodle soup and oatmeal!
 Happy 4th!
Maddie and Savannah were very protective of Geneva every time we were out- they loved watching out for their little sister!
 We were incredibly blessed by many friends delivering activities, milkshakes, soft pudding, coloring books, and games she could do while being still.
 The greatest encouragement was to hear from so many praying for her.
 Today we took an x-ray and see that the jaw is healing well. The doctor said she can go back to chewing, unless her jaw begins to hurt. We have our last follow up appointment in January just to make sure the bones don't shift as they settle. Please pray for continued healing and safety.
We celebrated with a chewy croissant!! As we sat there Geneva and I thanked God for healing her and giving her life lessons through this accident. What a blessing.
Then on the way home I heard her singing "God is so Good" from the back seat. He truly is. 
1 Peter 2:3 we have "tasted that the Lord is good."

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