Monday, July 30, 2018

Word of Life Camp

This was our 3rd year going to Word of Life Camp on Schroon Lake, NY. A little over 50 people from Immanuel Bible Church came this week, too. It's such a joy to have a family camp where there's excellent teaching, fellowship with believers, and time with family. Both HB Charles and Erwin Lutzer spoke each day. It was incredibly encouraging. HB's theme was prayer, and I was very challenged by the truth that the Holy Spirit brings our prayers before God. He knows what we need, better than we do, and will present our prayers before the Father. So I should pray so much more, seek the Lord's will through prayer about everything, because I have an Advocate that cares for me. And He not only cares about me physically, but eternally/spiritually. He also spoke about how Jesus went away to pray- these were long periods of time where Jesus spoke with His Father. He went to be alone and it was usually early in the morning. How much more do I need to make talking with God a priority. 
 Here we are enjoying a meal with the Goods. It's such a nice break not to cook for a whole week :)
So thankful for these friends!
Jeremy the illusionist gives a presentation every year, and while he performs some prey fun tricks, he gives the gospel.
 Look at their faces- so cute!! 
  They are truly amazed by his slight of hand!
One evening we celebrated Jody's 50th birthday of becoming a Christian. It was so encouraging to hear her testimony- she became a Christian 50 years ago right here at WOL. She gave her life to the Lord, knowing she was a sinner and needed a Savior. As she shared what God has done in her life, she challenged all of us to fill our lives with what matters eternally. She gave each family a pail filled with fun toys from the Dollar Store and said when these things brake or get lost, that's just a reminder that the pleasures of this world don't last. How much better is it for us to invest in our relationship with the Lord, character, and relationships with others that will be eternal.
Jody also supplied scores for everyone to enjoy!
What a neat evening of celebration!  
 Maddie is the crazy gal in the middle! She loved "surfing" on the tube!!
 Daddy took the girls kayaking.
Savannah became quite the kayaker!
And Stewart's ice cream is always apart of WOL camp :)
My crew.
 The rodeo is every Friday night.

 Some of the original WOL recruiters.
 Geneva has on her life vest, safari hat, eating an apple, and is using her toilet paper roll binoculars- love this girl. Styling on the lunch cruise.

 Savannah dressed up for the "Christmas" theme day- so creative using pine branches! She won :)
 Geneva asked if we could go on an alone walk- this girl asked the best questions. Love time with her.
 Enoch and Jesse competed digger through Jello with their mouths to find a Sweetish Fish.
 More rodeo

 Climb on, Savannah!
 Savannah had never had an Orange Crush- love at first sip :)
 Love the Lubenec's

And on our 8 1/2 hour drive home, we stopped in NY at Bagel Boys for the world's largest bagels!!

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