Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Love My Cousins...

Madison and I have been little travelers. After Washington, we re-packed and went to my sister's in Arizona for four days. The girlies had so much fun together, and so did Melissa and I. What a fun stage of life to be mommies together! I love this picture- Charis "positioning" Maddie for a photo shoot ! Here's some of what we did there....
Madison loved Chloe at first sight- she broke out into deep belly laughter!
Emma thought she should have her bottle IN the pool- what a great idea, right? Emma was always wanting to love on Madison. She is precious!
The two little sisters- what a fun front yard!
Mads loved watching all the activity.

She tackled climbing the stairs the first day...all 15 of them. She became a stair pro.
One morning we walked to the park and played.
Aunt Melissa got in lots of snuggles.
I just love her look here!
We did some shopping, once it got too hot to be outside and play. Charis trying to be a model- she's a beauty!
We went to a pool one day- it was 108 at 4pm! It melted Madison into her car seat.
Charis loves the water.

Stinking cute in her cover up.
What a great family shot! They are floating a long in the "Lazy River".
That huge bucket on top would dump water every five minutes or so.
Madison's first real pool experience. She was a little uncertain at first, but then loved it. She even went under :)
After the pool we got milkshakes.
This picture really represents all their personalities- just look at their faces! It was hard to say goodbye. We had a wonderful time with the cousins. Thank you, Melissa, for planning all that we did, cooking, and being an amazing Auntie. We love and miss you all!

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Ben and Melissa James said...

I love that pic of the 3 of them on the bench! Maddie is so intense! :)