Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ten Months

Madison is ten months already! I haven't had time to take the usual shots in the basket, so here is a recent picture from our Arizona trip. She is eating everything, beginning to drink water, standing and cruising around the furniture, and talking much more. She says "hi", "Dada", and "Mama" at the appropriate times- it's so fun to have Jesse walk in the door from work, and have her yell out "Dada!" Her favorite activities are playing on her music table, listening to stories that make noises, looking at herself in the mirror, following me around the house, getting a ride in the backpack during hikes, and swimming. We are continually thankful to the Lord for the gift that she is. We will miss her tremendously, as Jesse and I leave for 10 days to go to Israel. We are thrilled to see where Christ walked, but I'm going to miss my baby girl every moment. We love you Maddie!

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