Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun with Family!

The James and Aunt Dottie are in town, and we've been having so much fun with them! Here's a few pictures to show what we're been up to...
Lots of pool time!
Uncle Jesse and I got this scuba set for Charis' birthday-
she loves it!
My favorite bowling pose!
Aunt Jennifer got Maddie this farm animal puzzle that everyone loves!
Papa built a fort for his girls, and they had a tea party. It was adorable- he made tea and toast. Surprisingly, nothing was broken or spilled!
Aunt Dottie loving on Maddie during movie time.
Beach day at Paradise Cove. The waves were huge- 10-20 foot swells. No swimming for us.
We did build sand castles instead. Madison ate enough sand to sink a ship!
Uncle Ben and Maddie with little pig tails :)


Ferko said...

Awww...Maddie's hair looks soo cute in the little piggy tails!!!

Unknown said...

Such fun! Thanks for posting...I love the pig tails!