Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maddie's First Birthday Party!

Many of these pictures are for family who were unable to come, please excuse the volume :) I got this banner idea off of etsy.com. I love how it turned out!
Aunt Di flew in for Madison's party all the way from Colorado!
She loved the balloons!
The cute Nesheim girlies!
Papa was the ultimate griller- thank you!
Daddy said a sweet prayer thanking God for the little gift He has given us to enjoy this past year. He also prayed for her salvation and a soft heart towards God. Later Jesse read a letter he wrote her- he decided to do that every year. What an amazing Daddy!
Some of the CSUN gals came to celebrate!
Gigi and Homie drove all the way from Albuquerque for the big day- it was so fun to have you there!!!
Loving the balloons!
"Happy Birthday to you..."
She didn't mind getting icing all over her face!
I love this much needed bib! My sister sent it for Madison "Happy First Birthday".
After the messy cupcake, the next thing to do was jump in the pool to clean off! She loves floating around in Mimi and Papa's pool.
Robyn, Karina, and Cybill watched the pool fun from the edge.
We BBQed, ate lunch, did the cupcake show, swam, and just hung out. It was a fun party, just a little hot! About 40 or so of our friends and family came- what a blast. We are so thankful for the loved ones involved in our lives- we are blessed.
Mimi and Aunt Dottie enjoying the day.
Once the little kiddos got out of the pool, the big kids began playing watermelon football.
Homie held Maddie while she opened her presents. Take a look at these adorable pink Converse! Thanks Hannah!!!
Josh brought her a puzzle that she hasn't stopped playing with since.
After the big party, we had a family dinner (eating all the leftover food). Gigi got in lots of hugs.
We really enjoyed our time with this crew! Thank you so much for coming- it meant so much! We are excited about using the bike trailer- what a cool gift!!
We love you!

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