Friday, July 31, 2009

More Fun with Family!

Our second week together has been just as eventful as the first. Here are some pictures from our time....
Here we are at Griffith Park for a picnic lunch in Travel Town.
We explored some old trains.
Ben and his girls- I love this photo of them!
Maddie wanted some train time, too. She's making her get away.
We went to the Merry Go Round and everyone hopped on.
Melissa and her cute girls.
Emma and Maddie hugging the couch- pretty funny! Madison started hugging and kissing EVERYTHING this week-
it's adorable.
We did Balboa Park another day.
Going down the kiddy slide.
Feeding the ducks.
Emma had no fear!
Another tea party...this time with Mimi.
We went to Foster's Freeze for a treat last night. The cones were HUGE!
This little one had a major sugar high after all the ice cream. She bounced like crazy and talked a mile a minute, then crashed after bath time.

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