Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peperdine and the Beach

Jesse reffed a soccer game at Peperdine Friday afternoon. Maddie and I went along for some fun. Maddie was ready to throw the red card down before the game even stated!
There's Daddy in the center- what a handsome referee! We didn't stay long for the game, because look what's beyond the field...the beach! We couldn't resist.
October 2 in California- pretty cool! We practically had the beach to ourselves, and it was a gorgeous day.
Busy, busy girl. When she wasn't chasing the sea gulls, she was carrying around this bucket looking like she was on a mission!
After the game, we picked up Dada again, went to dinner, and back to the beach for the sunset.
The sunset lit everything up a beautiful pinkish color.

Maddie loves being thrown up as high as Daddy can get her. Can you see the full moon between Jesse's hands? What amazing creation we have to enjoy. I am so thankful to God for my sweet family and His creation we get to enjoy.

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Unknown said...

oh, how I remember when we took our kids there and they were that little. My "pumpkin head" , kaylin, just turned 14 this week.