Saturday, November 27, 2010

Savannah's First Visitors

When Maddie walked in the hospital room, I couldn't believe that she was ever as small as Savannah! We are pretty happy to be a family of four :)
Maddie is loving being a big sister...most of the time! As you can see, she and Mimi brought a party to our hospital room! It was so sweet- they made chocolate scones, sparkling juice, and special cups!
Three generations of girls!
Papa came too!
Wyatt, who works with Jesse in the outreach department, came to meet Savannah.
Mike and Rachel brought Savannah this adorable bunny. It's her first stuffed animal!
Auntie Sarah came with a huge smile!
Steve and Holly were so kind to bring Jesse and I dinner in the hospital. Let's just say Glendale Adventist delivers babies well, but doesn't do food well at all!
We are so happy the Archers are in town from South Africa! They paid a visit to meet little miss Savannah.
And the biggest surprise of all....the James came to town!!!! My sister and her family live in Arizona, and they surprised us by driving here on Thanksgiving!!! It was so special to have them hold our little blessing. The cousins had a blast together.
Thanks to everyone for welcoming Savannah into our lives. We are full of joy!


azuremle said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos of visitors! Wish I could be there to hold Savannah too. Praying for a peaceful Sunday worshipping our changeless Saviour!

Drollingers said...

Deidre, she is so beautiful! I'm so glad you all were together on Thanksgiving! What a memorable time!