Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cox Farms

The other day we had a MOPS outing to Cox Farms. What a fun day!

 These little piggies were pretty fun to watch. 
 It was a chilly morning! Here's the girls and their friend Abi watching the cow get milked.
 Elyssa and Brooke.
 Brooke and Savannah watching the baby cow eat.
Here's the girls feeding the cow.
We went on a hayride!

 The yellow brick road!

 Savannah was so tickled by the goats.
 I was amazed at all the slides for little ones and adults!
 The the three of us went down together.
 My big girl.
 My lil girlie pretending to pray at the table (with her boots off).
Can you see the leaves changing?!
I have to say this is the best fall pumpkin patch/festival that I've ever been to! 

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Ferko said...

Uuuuh....those slides are intense!!! Haha and Maddie looks so much like you in that one picture of your three!!! SO fun...and I loves the colors of the leaves :)