Sunday, October 28, 2012

Missing Him

Well, we've made it 7 days with Daddy in Bhutan, and we have 3 1/2 days to go! We've had a great time with our Virginia friends in Jesse's absence. The church is taking good care of us while Daddy is gone. We do have hurricane Sandy on her way, and I think we're prepared. The leaves have been blown out of the gutters, all the outside toys and furniture are put away, batteries are in the flash lights, and food and water in the pantry :) This is my first hurricane experience, so I'm interested in what will happen! Maddie and I had a great talk about the power of God tonight, which ended in a sweet prayer time together. God is so good to teach me how to trust Him more. I wouldn't naturally desire for Jesse to be gone 10 days, or for a hurricane to come, or for us to get colds; but really- these are just simple ways for me to learn how to trust in God more. There is joy and peace here, and I'm thankful for it! All this being said, I just am so excited about Jesse coming home on Thursday!!

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Sara Mallon said...

we'll be praying for you guys and the hurricane!!!