Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DC with Grandpa and GiGi

 Grandpa gave the girls a little education on the diggers we found in DC...funny, no one else stopped at this landmark to observe like we did! The girls loved each explanation!
 Grandpa pushed the stroller the whole walk...he's so kind!
 As we walked up to the WWI Memorial, we heard a trumpet playing Taps. We were also surprised to find the fountains and reflecting pool filled with water! (This is the first time we've seen it with water since we moved here).
 Grandpa and GiGi on a perfect day in DC.
 Me and my cuties!
The girls had a great time walking along the wall with Grandpa coming by to tease them!
October is definitely the time of year to visit DC- beautiful cool days with the leaves changing colors. 

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Anonymous said...

Deidre--The girls are looking SO grownup! Wow!
(Love the pigtails, btw).
Someday you'll have to enjoy the sights here with us in our capital city! :)
Love you!