Friday, July 19, 2013

Maddie is 5 Years Old!

It's hard to believe that Madison Marie Johnson is already 5 years old. I was telling her the story of when God brought her into the world, and it seemed like yesterday. She has been such a blessing to Jesse and I. We truly enjoy our kids, and see them as a great gift from God. With this gift comes sacrifice and much responsibility, so we're always praying for God's wisdom, strength, and direction in our life as parents and her little life.
I love this smile!
After waking up and going to swim practice (by the way, Maddie is quite a little fish), Savannah and I surprised her with a star shaped donut for breakfast!
Then she opened some gifts. We had a great day playing around the house. It's actually been a while since we've been home just to play.
That evening we went to a park, rode bikes, and had ice cream sundaes.

The day before her birthday, we went to Hershey Park with the Pinkston family. We celebrated both Maddie P. and Maddie M.'s birthdays!
 Flying in a hot air balloon! 
 Riding the "neigh" as Savannah calls it!
 Up, up, and away!
 All the kids and "Sweet Miss Penny"- never heard of this character before :)
     There were so many great rides for little ones there as well as big roller coasters, and a whole water park area. We had a blast with the Pinkstons!
Happy Birthday Maddie Girl, I love you!


Ferko said...

Cannot believe she is 5...time flies!! Love that picture of the girls in the rocket ship with their cheesy smiles...haha classic!

Ski Town Girl said...

Great pictures! I LOVE those little girls. (Oh, I should say, "big" girls, now that Maddie's 5 and Savannah's going to be a big sister herself! Thanks so much for sharing.