Monday, December 9, 2013


 We were all so excited that it started to snow during church Sunday morning! Geneva is in this picture,  even though you can't see her! I love this car seat cover...keeps her cozy.
 Maddie loves eating snow :)
 Daddy brought Savannah home from church. She asked if they could walk all the way home...didn't happen!
Today the kids are all home from school playing in the snow. We're supposed to have more tonight!
We had a tree fall and block the way out of our street and a big branch fall on our roof during the night. The guys were able to chop up both and we still have power!


Ski Town Girl said...

I love the picture of Savannah and Jesse in the snow. He looks so handsome...and so sophisticated! Great coat. Wish I'd been there....I'd have walked her home!

Ferko said...

How fuuunnnn!!!! I love that dog is still around - how precious!!!