Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is here..

Maddie is loving school- making friends, learning to do math, spelling, and reading. She's taking an Art class and enjoying that, too.

While Maddie is at school, we keep busy with...

My ballet girl.
She loves this class.
My two little helpers making butternut squash soup.
The deer family keeps coming in our yard. The little baby still has her spots!
 We went on a walk collecting fall things.
Geneva loved watching the men work on our road- she clapped and cheered them on!
Savannah loves to run out to wave to the trash men.
 After school Friday we went on an impromptu picnic at the park. Geneva had been home sick with a fever all week, so we could finally get out!
Sister love.

  I've found that my girls enjoy the simple things in life, like the trash truck and parks, much more than the big events we sometimes plan and spend money on. I'm trying to remember that as we make memories and spend time together as a family. Keep it sweet and simple.

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