Monday, September 22, 2014

It's been busy...

It's amazing how full each day is! I'm finding it hard to blog these days or get much time to do anything besides what's next!!
Maddie and I went out with some friends for a ladies tea.
  Mrs. "B" taught the girls manners.
 Super excited for candy, since the fancy desserts weren't her "cup of tea". 
 The girls had make up done, a craft, manners lesson, and a story read along with having tea.
 These two monkeys still have a wild side to them!
 Thanks for the pretty dress Auntie "L"
 The girls made wishes.
Geneva also had her first French Fry this week! 
And Savannah started ballet class! 
Lots happening this fall. We're so thankful for God's grace each day as we strive to follow Him. He gives us the strength, joy, obedience, and love that makes even menial things like grocery shopping for His glory!

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