Thursday, January 29, 2015

Family Visiting...

Mimi arrived on her birthday, so we had a little party ready.

 Geneva loves dressing up.
 My mom and I were able to go out to lunch to a yummy place called American Eats.
  We had a cuddly night watching a movie by the fire.
 Savannah the silly owl girl ready for a bike ride.
  The girls had their first movie theatre experience. They loved seeing Paddington Bear!
 Aunt Jennifer also came in for the weekend. 
We had a fun outing to the National Geographic Museum and Shake Shack.
 Story time with sick Mimi. My poor mom got the flu, and then so did everyone else! 
We've been inside for the last week trying to get over fevers and coughs.
Lots of games. Thanks Aunt Jen for coming to visit!!
My mom brought a new CD the kids love called Walking with the Wise by Sovereign Grace Ministries. I highly recommend it!

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Ferko said...

Loved the girls faces with the movie theater, soo fun!! Praying that you all are feeling 100% better!! xo