Friday, February 19, 2016


While in CA we went to Disneyland with my parents. We had never taken the kids before, so this was a pretty special day. I think their favorite part was meeting the princesses and watching the parades! These pictures are in no particular order.
Can you tell that Savannah was ecstatic?! She was skipping after meeting Belle.

It's a Small World After All!
We actually spent the night at a hotel and the girls loved having a slumber party with Papa and Mimi!
Lots of Papa snuggles.
The girls put on their princess dresses at the beginning of the day- 
Maddie hardly kept it on for one minute!
Run Geneva- they're after you.

The castle was so pretty at night! Maddie and Mimi are buddies.
Meeting Mini Mouse was kinda a big deal for Geneva!
We all rode the carousel a few times!

Thanks Papa for Cotton Candy!

We watched a 20 minute Rapunzel play. It was so well done!
Savannah was pretty excited about the HUGE pickle Daddy found for her.
Cinderella couldn't handle all the excitement and passed out!
Space Mountain- it looks like no one is next to Jesse, but Savannah is there! She's so little you can't see her. After the roller coaster, she said she really didn't like it.
She said she was trying to think of "happy thoughts" on the ride! Poor thing.
This ride was one of Maddie's favorites along with Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
Tea Cups.
Geneva's favorite!
Aw. So, my mom has a fracture in her foot, so she HAD to have a wheelchair at Disneyland.
She didn't really like this, but my dad joyfully pushed her around all day. 
The night parade was amazing!!
Sometimes Papa pushed 3 girls at one time!!

The girls.
Savannah LOVED the princesses in the parade. 
Auntie "L" and Uncle David gave the girls a little spending money for Disneyland. 
It was hilarious to see what each girl picked. Maddie got a light saber.
Savannah picked out a princess, and Geneva picked out a cookie!! 
I love their personalities!
This little princess fell asleep right on her doll!
So the morning we flew back to freezing VA, we first swam in the 80's. 
It was wonderful to feel the sunshine. 

Breakfast poolside.  
 The kids did great on the flight home! Geneva even napped. 

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