Thursday, February 18, 2016

More Cali Trip

 While in CA we went to Grace Community Church (where I grew up and Jesse went to seminary and where we met)- we absolutely love going back there seeing dear friends and hearing the Word. I was amazed that when I dropped Maddie off for Sunday school, the teacher I had 30 years ago was still faithfully teaching this second grade class! That morning they had a missionary visiting, who happened to be one of my childhood friends that now serves in another country. What a blessing it is to be apart of a church with a long legacy of love for the Lord and see people walk in light of that.
Kellie happens to be one of those friends I've had since we were about 7 years old. She came back to my parents house and we had a wonderful afternoon of fellowship! 
She is such a joy to be with and my girls LOVE her!
 We spent some time looking at old family photos- 
the kids laughed at what we "used" to look like back in the "old" days!
We visited the Moorpark Zoo one day. It was neat to celebrate Leo the Lion's second birthday!
It wouldn't be a trip to Cali without going to the beach! 
God was so kind to give us really warm weather when we were visiting. 
The girls even played in the water a bit!

We found these HUGE shells on our beach walk.
After the beach we went to one of my favorite restaurants that has a fenced in yard and sand box where the kids played as my mom and I visited. It was super relaxing!
This place is amazing and the food is good too.

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