Thursday, March 15, 2012

Morning Walks

We've been loving our morning walks with Sarah and her two cute kids lately. We've taken several routes, but this one to some nearby ponds was my favorite. It happened to be Sarah's birthday. She's been such a sweet new friend!

Maddie and Isaac being silly!
This is the day before my mom left for CA. I'm so thankful she stayed with us for 3 weeks. It was fun showing her around D.C., seeing our new life, having her here when Jesse was out of town, and for us to just be together during the day! I am sad to see her go. Having your mom within a short drive is certainly a blessing. I will miss this. And I know my kids will miss their Papa and Mimi tons. We are thankful for the time in which we live- we can Skype, call, and make trips.
(Yes, my kids are still in their jammies.)
Good morning, little guy! I woke up finding this cutie under my kitchen sink. I didn't have the heart to do away with him, so I just let him free in the backyard. Aw...


Anonymous said...

You are brave...haha...I totally would have spazed out and accidently killed it or something!! The morning walks look awesome :)
the whites

karina said...

i agree!! i want to go on walks with the johnson girls!! everything looks so beautiful and cozy there.