Thursday, March 8, 2012

While Daddy is Away

First of all, here's a beautiful shot of the Capitol Building with the reflection of the sunset. The other day a friend took my mom and I on a driving tour of D.C.
While Jesse has been in CA this week, my mom and I are having fun! We've been walking with a new friend and her kids a few mornings, had a couple play dates with new friends, and even made a wreath for the front door!
I followed a wreath tutorial I found on Pinterest. Here's how it's done.
We also went to Old Town Alexandria for dinner the other night. You might be able to spot the Capitol Building far away in the background from the pier here in Alexandria.
Today was pretty special because we had our friend from CA, Kim Small, come visit us. Kim moved to VA a little over a year ago, and lives about an hour away from us now. We had a wonderful time catching up!
Both our husbands are at the Shepherd's Conference in CA, so we had an afternoon together!


Ski Town Girl said...

I miss all of you girls! And I've heard Old Town Alexandria is wonderful. Hope I get to see it next trip. (Good food, too, I hear!)

karina said...

Have been thinking about you a lot this week since I know that Jesse is out here! So glad your mom is keeping you company. Will call you soon!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Missed seeing you this week...glad you are enjoying your time with your mom!! OH and the wreath turned out great and looks wonderful!!