Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Home...

A few of our good friends from CA have asked to see some pictures of our home, so that's what this post is all about! We are so thankful for this place God has provided for us! We live at the end of a cul-de-sac and have a creek running through our backyard. We've seen deer and fox back there. The girls have a slide and swings, too. A huge plus is that we're 3 minutes from church!
Here's the front shot. We're still getting white rain gutters, black shutters on all the windows, and a white storm door. I'm looking for potted plants to put on the porch. I'd like to get some patio furniture for the backyard as well. So many fun projects to do!
Here's a view from the front door out to the street. Maddie has been a really sweet big sister to Savannah. They hold hands walking up the steps and through the yard!
Maddie in her room. She loves the colors, and now we finally have things on the wall!
A little owl theme going on.
And a goofy pose!
Daddy putting Savannah to bed her her room.
This little project above her bed only cost me around $10. The hoops are from Good Will and the fabric was very inexpensive. Savannah loves it!
This is kinda a strange cut out in our wall at the end of the upstairs hallway. It's actually a door to the attic. We painted it with chalkboard paint, and now I'm going to be writing verses in it!
These are just a couple shots of our home. We love it!
I'm still looking for living room chairs, family room chairs, basement couch, daybed, sun room furniture, and other odds and ends. I know they will come in time (looking at Craigslist). It's fun to have projects to look forward to doing.


Anonymous said...

Yeaa...your house is beautiful!!! And Savannah's room is too cute - she is getting so big!!
-the whites

Ski Town Girl said...

Loved seeing the girls & house again! Who is on the crutches? Savanny has grown so much, in a month! She's a little girl now, not a baby anymore.

Maryn said...

Looks great!

Jos-C said...

It's beautiful Diedre! So neat to see where the LORD has taken you guys!