Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Trip to the Capitol

Last Monday Julie (left) gave us a tour of the Capitol building. Julie goes to IBC, and is Senator DeMint's assistant. We are starting the tour in his office.
Here we are walking the underground tunnels. Aunt Jennifer, John and Lisa, Mom, Deb, Dad, and Aunt Dottie.
Here's an unusual view of the tower.
This white star on the floor is the architectural center of all of D. C. Everything in the city is built around this place.
Here is the Capitol's dome.
Another's quite amazing!
We had a wonderful time going on the tour- thank you Julie!
That afternoon Papa did a little digging in the backyard.
Mimi and Maddie
Mimi is staying here until March 14, so we have some time left to play!
Of course, Madison wanted to help dig a trench.
Deb and I oversaw the whole plan from the deck :)
After a while Madison thought she could help by picking the daffodils and putting them in our little pond!
This week all the family went home except Mimi. My mom is staying with me as Jesse's goes to Shepherd's Conference this week.


Liz said...

I have to confess I'm SO jealous that you were in DC!!! I'm missing it dreadfully!! I'm so glad you had a trip there with a connection, that's so helpful. Hope you're settling in well enough. xo

CAC said...

Love the back yard! And the tour pics! If I'd known I would have popped out and said hi! My office is right across the hall! Looks like a fun day!