Sunday, April 22, 2012

MA, Pt. 2

Here's more of our trip...
 Here's my aunt Jennifer, her daughter Rebecca, and their friend Connie.
 We have a favorite ice cream place called Carter's. They have the dairy farm right's so fresh and creamy :)
 Aunt Dottie enjoyed hers in the car.
 One day we helped Aunt Jennifer plant some daffodils in front of her house. The girls loved digging and playing with the water. It's amazing how long kids can occupy themselves with dirt!
 Madison and Savannah loved playing in Sammy's cage. I'm not sure how much the dog liked that!
 One afternoon we drove out to Gordon College. Sarah (my other cousin) gave us a tour of the campus. 
This picture makes me crack up because Maddie is trying to do her hair just like Sarah's!
 After dinner at a fish place, we dropped by the beach. My girls RAN to the water. We miss the beach! I couldn't believe the look on their faces when they felt the sand between their toes!
 Sissy loving the water.
Maddie ventured in. Both girls were soaked! What fun memories!

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