Friday, April 20, 2012

Trip to Massachusetts, Part 1

 Here's my sweet Great Aunt Dottie. Most of you know her by now because she's such an important part of my life. Here she is in her kitchen!
 She had Jesse, me and the girls over for breakfast one morning.
(I just love the coffee pot on the stove!)
She worked so hard to serve us and make it special. I just love her! 
Did I mention, she's about to turn 100!
Here we are having coffee cake and bagels!
More to come from the trip soon.

 After breakfast the girls enjoyed looking at all of Aunt Dottie's pictures. 
Just look at Savannah's face!
So many fun things to look's like a museum!


Karina said...

Sweet Aunt Dottie! I'm sure you guys had a blast. She must love that you all are closer now :)

Michelle said...

How precious and special to know and love her!

Ski Town Girl said...

I loved looking at these pictures! Please send Aunt Dottie my love.