Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Our yard is getting greener by the day!
It's so fun to watch each new flower and tree bloom. I keep getting surprised by what's popping up in our yard.
The girls received a package in the mail from Aunt Dottie today! They were tickled to open beautiful Easter dresses and cards!
Maddie asked to Skype with Aunt Dottie right after we opened the gifts. We're actually planning a trip to see her soon- so excited!
This kitty likes to hang out at our house. Both girls adore her!
Maddie has made a sweet friend, and Tessa happens to be our next door neighbor! We're so thankful for this family.
Girl time on Tessa's trampoline! Savannah didn't want to stop jumping for the photo :)
Savvy has been giving big wet open mouth kisses lately. She's such a sweetie!
Oh yeah, Daddy joined in the fun!


Anonymous said...

SO fun...Sissy's getting so big!! Love that you have a kitty around...haha!
-the whites

Pinkleys said...

SO fun!!!!!