Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend in Review...

We had a EGGstravegant egg hunt this weekend. Just look at this backyard! I think there were about 60 dozen eggs hidden for the 30 plus kids. So fun to meet more church friends.
Not into finding eggs so much.
Very into finding eggs :)
Another day we went to a friend's house and held their baby chicks and ducklings.
Maddie and Savannah posing for Easter pictures Sunday. You can see Savannah's "Easter egg" on her forehead- she fell down 10 wooden stairs two days before Easter. Poor girl. We are now installing baby gates.
Maddie loves our neighbor's tree swing!
Jesse has installed our white storm door! He has become quite handy since we moved! I was able to get these pretty plants for our front porch this morning. I love getting dirty :)


Karina said...

the girls are so pretty!!! wow, was it Savy's left eye that got hurt?? oh poor baby.... xoxo

Anonymous said...

Haha...Maddie is going to be a competitive lil squirt ;) I'm glad Sissy is alright, although Im sure it freaked u out...cant even the plants in front of your door!!
-the whites