Friday, May 4, 2012

Open House "Thank You" Party

We were so blessed by the body of believers here at IBC before we even arrived. People from the church painted, tiled, put in lighting, cleaned the yard, and more so that our house was made over by the time we arrived. We wanted to thank them in some small way for their love, time, and work. So, last night (and tonight) we're having a thank you party in their honor. The list of helpers was so long that we had to spread it out between two nights- almost 100 people!!
Here's my cuties helping me make lemon bars and chocolate dipped strawberries.
My little helpers. 

 Jesse thanked everyone for their love and warm welcome to us.
Now that we've been here a couple months many of these people are already dear friends.

 Some preferred chilling in our sun room- it was a bit cooler in there.
 Savannah loves strawberries!
 We also have some friends staying with us right now- Joshua and Carolyn Spacht. They are on vacation here in D.C. and we asked them to stay here. They fit right in at the party :)
 Others stayed cool out on the patio.
 Yummy desserts.
  I was glad to see people sitting in the living room- seems to be the least used room! Maddie really enjoys Mrs. Holley :)

 One more treat for my Maddie girl. She asked to wear a pretty dress for the party and even put on her princess shoes. She was so excited to have a party! 
 By the end of the night, we had a sleeping beauty on our hands! She stayed up until about 10:30pm!!


Anonymous said...

How fun!! I'm sure everyone loved your lemon bars!! AND I can't believe Savannah is talking!?!?!? So cute!
the whites

Karina said...

Seriously!!! Savy is talking...!!! I love her hairdo.
I miss the Johnson girls so much. XOXO