Monday, May 21, 2012

Lake Anna with the Pinkstons

 This past weekend we had a wonderful time with the Pinkston's at their lake house. The kids had a blast playing together, and so did the adults! Here are some photos of our time there...
  Savannah played for hours in the sand box.
 "Big Maddie" (Madeline is also called Maddie, so our Maddie endearingly calls her "Big Maddie") was a mother's helper all weekend long!
Maddie came over to warm up in the sun after swimming. 
Sophie and Aiden are as cute as can be!

 Bode was quite the fisherman- he could bait, catch, and release his own fish! He told Madison that he would teach her to be a pro fisherman when she grew cute! 
(And yes, the Pinkstons have 2 adorable little puppies!)
Life vests were a must :)

Here's how the adults spent most of the weekend...talking and watching the kids. It was a great time of spiritual conversations, games, and laughs!

 We took their boat out- so much fun for all!
Aden, Madison, and Madeline couldn't stop smiling on the tube! 
 Savannah just snuggled to stay warm.
 Here's the girls being silly before we went to dinner one night. 
 Evening play time by the water.
 We did fireworks one night...what a treat!
 Sunset was so peaceful. Actually, all of it was very relaxing. 
Thank you Pinkstons for a fantastic time away with you!!


Drollingers said...

Looks like a wonderful time. So glad you guys are making great friends. miss you lots.

Deidre Johnson said...
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