Monday, May 28, 2012

Surprise Girls Trip!

This was a crazy weekend...I have never been so surprised! I was expecting my friend Rachel to visit from Wednesday to Monday. Then Friday morning I woke up to Hannah here, and Saturday I woke up to Karina here! We had such a wonderful time together. These are precious friends!!
Exercise walk Friday morning.
Keeping Hannah awake after the night flight and converting her to IBC mugs :)
We played outside on the tree swing.
And by the creek.
Savannah enjoying a cookie at the cul-de-sac potluck dinner Friday.
Playing with the neighborhood cat.
After the cul-de-sac potluck dinner Friday night, we went to Old Town and had crepes at Fontaine
Then Saturday morning we had another surprise...Karina! 
Snuggles with Rachel.
All four of us headed into D.C. for the day and Jesse was home with the little ones. 
We played tourists...paddle boats...
Then the Old Post Office.
We had a great view of all of D.C. from the tower.

After a drive down Embassy Row, we hit up 2 Amys. Root beer cheers to sweet friends.
After some shopping, we headed home and played in the backyard.
That night Jesse grilled some steaks.
All ready for church!
Some Lilly scratches before Sunday School.
Sunday afternoon we left Jesse and the girls napping and hit up Old Town again.
Coffee at Misha's.
Down by the pier.
Then we shared gelato at Boccato. 
Sunday night was a pool party. Savannah and Jesse poolside.
After the neighborhood pool party, we did nails :)
OK, Memorial Day photos later.


Pinkleys said...

Fun fun! :)

Maryn said...

Good times!

karina said...

One of the best trips I've had!! Such a blessing to be able to spend the weekend with the Johnsons, Rachel and Hannah... Thank you for EVERYTHING!