Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Since Jesse preaches 3 services on Sunday, I'm kinda on my own at church :) I've joined an Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) called TeamMates. I love this group! We're going through the Art of Marriage workbook, which has been so good. Since Jesse isn't there in the class, he and I have been enjoying talking about it on our date night (at home on the couch :). So, that's all beside the point to the pictures below! These pictures are from a TeamMates playgroup we had at our house today. Enjoy!
 The new sandbox was a huge hit! We found this on the side of the street with a "free" sign. all we had to do was add sand- sweet deal!
 All the babies and their cute mommies!
 Down by the creek.

Picnic lunch on the grass. We had so much fun this morning! At nap time Maddie asked if all of our friends could come back over tonight for another "party"!


Jennifer Clark said...

We had a great time, thanks for having us over! You were a great hostess.

Ferko said...

love that you found the sand box car on the side of the street ;)
the whites

Maryn said...

We had a wonderful time as well!

Maryn and girls