Monday, October 15, 2012

A Little Get Away...

 After church Sunday, the four of us hopped in our car and drove to the Blue Ridge Parkway.
 We pulled out at one stop and did a little hike.
 Savannah liked being carried most of the way.

 Maddie had been singing this song all morning..."We're going hiking, we're going hiking!" She was pretty happy!
 The girls were thrilled to be staying at a hotel. In the morning, Maddie said, "I wish if we could stay here for a whole week!"
 We went all out for breakfast...Duncan Donuts :)
 The pictures don't quite do it justice!
 On the way home, we drove through West Virginia and Maryland.
We loved listening to Page CXVI Hymns as we drove through this beauty. 
I'm so thankful for our 24-hour get away!


Ferko said...

Oh my goodness - Maddie looks like a pro of a hiker!!! And i mmmmmiiiiisssssssssssssssssss Duncan donuts!!!

Anonymous said...

iGorgeous pics! As fellow Californians, this is one reason we love the East Coast. You were so close to us. Next time we could be your overnight motel! Beth Lind