Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busy, Busy

We've been keeping pretty busy lately! Between skating birthday parties, Christmas baking, and parties; we're having lots of fun.
Maddie's first time out on a roller rink. 
My little helpers.
We've baked/made some Christmas cookies for our neighbors. We invited them to come to our church Christmas concert and come back for cookies. I think they enjoyed it!
We also hosted another Christmas party here last week with over 50 people in our house! It was a blast!
Since the girls weren't too excited about going to sleep while the house was full of people, I let BOTH of them sleep in Savannah's crib. They were pretty excited about their Christmas PJ's and the slumber party. I had to take sleeping pics :)
 I got another funny picture of Savannah earlier this week...her last night with a paci!!
(I'm not sure why she has a shoe on her tummy?)
   Maddie sleeping and looking a little pensive! Do you think she has enough stuffed animals?!
Today we went to a Tiny Tots Christmas concert at a local high school...the girls loved the music!

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Ferko said...

Oh my word, that picture of them together in Sissy's crib is sooo precious!! How I miss you guys!! <3