Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

We've had fun decorating our new home for Christmas! Savannah keeps saying "Purdy" to the lights! 
 Christmas PJ's! Yes, they both fit in my laundry basket!! I think they were pretending it was a sleigh or something.
 Here's a winter wreath I made for our front door this week.
 Jesse and Josh put up Christmas lights outside!
 Our tree and "Joy to the World" garland is in the family room.
Here's our mantel.
I'm sure this isn't interesting to many of you, but now our family can picture our home, and feel like they're a little closer!


Ferko said... cute!! I love the Christmas lights on your house and LOVE the wreath...great colors!!

Glad you're able to blog again!! <3

azuremle said...

i love seeing your home!! The wreath is so lovely. Maybe you should start an etsy business selling them;)