Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

 Here are my cuties ready for our Christmas Eve service!
 I love them, just saying.
 And they LOVE Aunt Dottie. She's here with us for a couple weeks and we're loving it. They hug her, take care of her, and play with her so sweetly!
 Maddie and Savannah got to be angels in the Christmas Eve family hour service.
So did these cuties!
After the practice, and during the service, my littlest angel fell asleep! We had to take her out to wake her!! She was so sleepy!!
All the kids did a great job!

My angels were very serious!!
 Jesse gave a message on the ways in which Jesus was an unusual gift.
    At the end of the service, we had glow sticks and sang Silent Night.
After the service, the girls, Aunt Dottie, and I went to the Drums house for dinner. We had a wonderful time with friends. Jesse enjoyed preaching at two more Christmas Eve services.
Yummy sugar cookies!

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