Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day!

It was super exciting to celebrate Christmas for the first time in our Virginia home. We were especially happy to have Aunt Dottie with us this year. 
The girls got Mini Mouse mugs for hot chocolate.
 We started a new tradition of making monkey bread for breakfast...yum!
 Savannah's bunny and Maddie's dog each had a little stocking. Their lovies got a bottle :)
 Aunt Dottie was happy about the truffles.
The matching princess scooters were a huge hit!
Maddie loves her camera. The girls were showered with gifts from friends and family!!
 That evening we had a wonderful dinner at the Holley's house. We're so thankful for friends that feel like family already.
 Family photo!!
 The next morning we woke up to a little bit of snow!!

We had to brake in our new sled!


Pumpkin Patch said...

Isabel got the same camera! She and Maddie will have to compare one day.

Joelle said...

love the camera pic! and the monkey bread looks delicious.