Monday, August 29, 2016

Bedroom Changes...

In the last couple of weeks we've had some changes around here. Since Geneva is potty trained, she was able to move up to a big girl bed. She is now in the lower bunk sharing a room with Savannah. Maddie has been asking for her own room, so now she is in Geneva's old room.
 Reepacheap is right by Maddie's bed :)
After having a conversation with Mimi, Maddie really wanted a canopy bed. Thanks to Papa and Mimi (birthday present), we were able to find this bed on clearance from an outlet. 
What a deal we found!!
We got the canopy curtains from Ikea for a total of $4. And the rug was a gift from a dear friend. 
We repainted the room with paint we already had. Most of the wall decorations were already up.
 We found the comforter, sheets, and "Love" pillow as a set at Home Goods for a great steal :)
Maddie is very thankful to have her own room! 
We still might squeeze a desk in there if we can find one the right size.
Now Savannah is the big sis on top and Geneva sleeps on the bottom.
  All the little girl toys are stashed in these boxes.
I love this colorful and packed room. Geneva doesn't stay in her new bed yet. She kinda likes to bed hop (even in the middle of the night). 
Last night she was in Maddie's bed around 1am. 

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