Friday, August 12, 2016

Road Trip Home

 We drove from Schroon Lake to Haverhill, MA. The drive was beautiful!
 We had a little picnic stop in Vermont. 
 Not happy, but still oh so cute.
 We found a pretty cool book store and sandwich shop.
 Then the kids were out!
 The next stop was Uncle Kenny and Aunt Jennifer's.
 Of course, we went to Carter's ice cream.
 Rebecca and Rob's wedding reception was the next day. 
Uncle Kenny bought the girls kites!

 We left MA and drove to Providence, RI the next day. We had a great time at the zoo! 
Can you see the Cheetahs in the background?
Next we stopped in NY and took a walk down memory lane. 
This is my favorite pizza place- right in the neighborhood where my mom grew up!
This is the house my mom's dad built.
The girls even got to play on the play ground where Mimi and Aunt Jennifer played when they were little.
 The next day we took a ferry across Cape May. 
 The kids were thrilled to see a few dolphins.

 We couldn't help stopping at the beach and flying the kites again.
 It was so windy! Windy enough that one of our kites flew away- it was pretty cool to watch it fly for about 20 minutes, and then crash.
 Geneva was happy playing in the sand.
I'm glad we took the long way home and enjoyed being the 5 of us.

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Pinkleys said...

love all of this! so fun!!!