Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day of School

I just can't believe the summer is over and Maddie and Savannah are off to school! Last year we home schooled, but as we prayed about his year, Jesse and I thought it would be best to send both girls to Immanuel Christian School this year. 
We really take this decision seriously and will pray through it each year. 
Here's my sweet Savannah! She is thrilled to start school. Last night she had a little tummy ache (I think because of first day jitters), but overall, she's excited! 
Look at that happy girl!
Maddie is off to second grade! She has mixed feelings about starting school- a bit nervous for sure. 
I love this deep-thinking girl. Last night we prayed and talked lots about school, friends, teachers, and most of all; trusting God in everything. I love having the privileged of shepherding their little hearts.
Geneva really was hoping to go to school with the girls this morning! 
She wanted me to pack her a lunchbox too!
Savannah adores Mrs. Gleason already.
Naomi and Savannah have been friends since they were about 2. 
They aren't in the same classroom, but will certainly be together a lot this year.
Daddy and his girl! 
Daddy was able to pray for the kids and teachers at the school assembly this morning.
Maddie came home saying Mrs. Anthony is so nice! She also said she was excited about school and wanted to go back tomorrow- huge praise!
After leaving the girls, Little Neva and me had a special date at Starbucks- 
I'm really going to love this time with her!

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