Thursday, August 4, 2016

Word of Life Camp in Schroon Lake, NY

 We just had a fantastic week at Word of Life as a family and with friends. 
About 50 people from our church were there, too!
These girls sat on the front row for each session. 
We had great teaching from Erwin Lutzer and Eric Mounts.
The first night was a family fun night- this place is amazing!
 Face painting
 Prizes when you earned tickets at the different stations.
 Snow cones
  Balloon hats
 And frog catching!

Maddie made me laugh!
 Tether ball
 A little racing with friends.
 Play set
  Paddle boats
  Gaga ball
Great friends
After the family fun night, we went to see Jeremy the illusionist. 
These girls are just such cute friends.
 Birds appeared, scarves danced, shoes disappeared, and Jeremy gave the gospel.

 We couldn't help ourselves, after all that we walked across the street for Stewarts ice cream. 
Such late night fun!

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