Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Festivities

 The girls were able to be angels and announce the birth of Christ to the little toddler Sunday School classes. Glory to God in the highest!!
 One of my highlights is dates with each girl and Christmas shopping for sisters. So sweet to see how they like picking out presents for each other! They go so excited Christmas morning to give their gifts.
 PJ night at AWANA!!
 A very SWEET delivery was made to ur house! A friend have us really neat candies that the girls LOVED!
 Ice skating with the Azers!

 The girls had their first experience of Chuck E Cheese...whew! Tickets galore!
 The Grinch almost stole Christmas, but we ate him!
 Christmas celebrations with Miss Penny!
 Green Springs is decorated beautifully.
 Peanut butter blossoms!
 A church around the corner from us does a live nativity that the girls really enjoy each year.

 One of our Christmas traditions is looking at lights with the Pinkleys!

 This year we added a trip to McClean Bible to check out their Christmas festival. We had a blast!

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