Monday, December 18, 2017

Museum of the Bible

 D.C. has a new museum...Museum of the Bible! We went as a family last week and just loved it. come visit and we'll take you!
There's a great kids room where they have lots of hands-on learning. 
My favorite part of the museum was the Old Testament section. It's quite impressive.
 This looks like the real Sea of Galilee. 
 Geneva admired the real Geneva Bible.
 Co-op has been so fun the last few weeks! We had spirit day- dress up as your favorite crayon color!
 Savannah was both the sun and the moon in a little play.
Savannah also played several songs with the chimes in front of a large group of people! 
I was so happy for her.
 Nothing like s'mores when it feels like 22 degrees outside!
 Christmas Concerts at IBC were amazing, as always! We enjoyed going with neighborhood friends.
 Tis the season! Snickerdoodles and peanut butter blossoms are up for grabs :)

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