Thursday, December 28, 2017

We enjoyed going to church Christmas Eve Day- I'm so thankful for our church. It's a wonderful place to worship our Savior with fellow believers. I'm thankful to be fed each week from the Word of God (I hear they have a great teaching pastor :), sing God honoring music and fellowship with believers that desire to worship God more!
Love these ladies.
 One of my favorite parts of Christmas Day is waking up early, having my coffee and reading the Word and praying with all the white lights. Its so amazing to think the Jesus, the Light of the world, came to save us in such humble means. Truly brings me to a place of worship and adoration. 
 Now the littles are awake and stockings are opened!
 Savannah was so sweet and made everyone a card this year.
 New books!
It was a wonderful Christmas- we celebrated just the 5 of us and enjoyed a relaxing day.
 They love their Beanie Boos!
 More reading...
 and books. I love how they stop and play or read each thing they open. 
 A piano!! We got the kids a keyboard and plan on getting them lessons this coming year!! 
They were very surprised!
 My little artist.
 New clothes!
 Ho ho.    
 Jesse put together a creative scavenger hunt with clues that led the girls all over the house and yard in order to find out...we're going to Arizona to see the cousins!! The girls were THRILLED!
 Snuggles and a movie.
 Love that she still has her blankie!
Daddy cuddles are the best!
Watch out- my little younglings are out on the prowl!

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