Saturday, December 9, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday, Savannah!

Savannah is our quiet, creative, compassionate girl. We love seeing her desire for the lost to know Christ deepen. She also loves playing with her sister, playing with babies, building Legos, and riding her bike.
 Savannah's request for her birthday was to go hiking at Great Falls as a family- 
we had such a wonderful day.

 Savannah was thrilled to have her first loose tooth on her birthday!!
 That night we celebrated with the Leaches and Miss Penny. Miss Penny made this amazing corral "cake". Savannah is very into horses these days.
 Auntie "L" and Uncle David gave Savannah a new baby and she just loves being her mommy.

After the party Miss Penny helped the kids decorate a gingerbread house. 
It was such a wonderful day celebrating our sweet Savannah.

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